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Top 10 Shows Like Mindhunter for Psychological Thriller Fans

Shows like Mindhunter

An acclaimed Netflix series, Mindhunter, stands as a triumph co-produced by renowned figures David Fincher, Charlize Theron, and Penhall. Adapted from the 1996 book ‘Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit’ by former agents John Douglas and Mark Olshaker, the show meticulously explores the art of profiling notorious serial killers and rapists. With masterful direction and an unwavering focus on criminal psychology, Mindhunter is a remarkable accomplishment. Vivid shows like Mindhunter come in rarity, portraying the contrast between a world-weary, seasoned FBI agent and an academic newcomer who is keen on delving into the minds of serial killers. The 1st Season and the abrupt finale- of 2nd Season followed FBI agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) in the lead.

In spite of the high critical acclaim, Netflix, who produced the show, said the series was very expensive to make, and they found that viewer engagement did not justify the budget. Needless to say, the premature end of the series has left a void in the hearts of many viewers who cannot forget Detective Ford and Tench. For this very reason, we have curated a list of 10 outstanding shows like Mindhunter. These shows range from detective procedural to Anthology crime and offer compelling narratives that delve into the intricate world of criminal psychology and captivate viewers who relished Mindhunter’s exploration of the human psyche.

List of TV Shows Like Mindhunter

  1. Dexter
  2. Criminal Minds
  3. True Detective
  4. Mr. Robot
  5. Killing Eve
  6. Hannibal
  7. Broadchurch
  8. American Crime Story
  9. Hunters
  10. Manhunt

1. Dexter (2006-2013)

Dexter, an American psychological drama set in Miami, in its 8-season run, captured the hearts of many viewers. The series revolves around Dexter (Michael C. Hall), an orphan who witnesses his mother’s brutal murder as a child. Adopted by Police Officer Harry Morgan (James Remar), Dexter’s traumatic past manifests in sociopathic tendencies, which Harry channels into vigilantism, urging Dexter to eliminate those who escape the justice system. James Manos Jr., the writer of the first episode, drew inspiration from Jeff Lindsay’s debut novel, Darkly Dreaming Dexter for the series.

Balancing a daytime role as a Forensic Analyst with his nighttime compulsion to kill, Dexter expertly covers his tracks. The show’s unique premise lies in the moral conflict of its iconic character, who grapples with distinguishing between good and evil despite being a serial killer.

Infused with clever twists, the series garnered numerous accolades, including a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor for Michael C. Hall. Notably, its 4th season finale achieved a record-breaking audience of 2.6 million viewers, establishing it as a phenomenon on Showtime. With Emmy nominations, Peabody Awards, and being in AFI’s top 10 tv series, Dexter is a brilliant series to watch.

Watch it on Showtime

2. Criminal Minds (2005-)

Criminal Minds is an enduring police procedural drama that emerged as a standout hit for CBS, captivating audiences over its impressive 16-season run. Created by Jeff Davis, the show introduces a team of criminal profilers known as the Behaviour Analyst Unit (BAU), working tirelessly within the FBI to crack complex cases and identify elusive suspects referred to as ‘unknown subjects.’ Notable cast members, including Matthew Gray Gubler, A. J. Cook, Shemar Moore, and Thomas Gibson, inject depth into their characters, preventing them from becoming one-dimensional.

With an action-packed narrative and a gripping suspense factor, Criminal Minds thrives on its ability to maintain viewer engagement. Just like Mindhunter, this show delves into criminals’ minds through psychological profiling, focusing on law enforcement’s pursuit of understanding serial offenders. Criminal Minds highlights the team’s persistent crime-solving commitment, which adapts as the cast evolves over the seasons. The writer of the show does a terrific job to ensure the viewers stay engaged all the way through!

Watch it on Hulu

3. True Detective (2014-)

True Detective, a captivating fantasy series, follows the journey of detectives Rustin Cohle (Matthew McConaughey), Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson), and Wayne Hays (Mahershala Ali) across 3 gripping seasons. Airing on the HBO network, the show gained widespread acclaim for its intricate storytelling and dark themes. Season 4 heralds a new chapter with an exciting cast, including the esteemed Jodie Foster. This fresh installment breathes new life into the series, promising another layer of intrigue and mystery.

The show’s quality goes beyond just its story, as the series won an Emmy for Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series, with Cary Joji Fukunaga as the Director. True Detective will remind you of how Mindhunter delves deep into the psychology of crime, featuring intricate investigations and complex characters that navigate the dark corners of human behavior.

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If you’ve already seen it, here are some more shows like True Detective you might like.

4. Mr. Robot (2015-2019)

When the Drama series Mr. Robot first aired, everyone was intrigued by the character of Elliot (Rami Malek). Elliot is a brilliant and highly unstable cyber-security engineer who is also a vigilante hacker by night. The contrast between the personality of being one thing, a ‘normal’ guy in front of the world, and totally the opposite in secrecy became the key feature in the complex storytelling. Mr. Robot‘s 4 gripping seasons have captivated viewers and critics, leading to a dedicated following.

Mr. Robot’s success included prestigious wards like a Golden Globe for Best TV Drama. The show is a unique blend of cyber and drama that delves into the intricate world of hacking while unraveling Elliot’s complex psyche. This psychological depth is where the show finds common ground with Mindhunter. Both series explore the minds of their characters in profound ways. With nerve-racking mysteries and a central character that challenges conventional norms, Mr. Robot stands out as a compelling choice for you to consider!

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If you are a fan of this, here are more shows like Mr. Robot you should watch.

5. Killing Eve (2018-2022)

The dark comedy series Killing Eve, created and written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, has garnered attention for its intriguing premise and exceptional performances. Running for 4 seasons, the show follows the captivating dynamic between a female international assassin, Villanelle (Jodie Comer), and a female investigator in British intelligence, Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh). Both characters become entangled in a twisted chase, with Eve investigating Villanelle even as Villanelle becomes intrigued by Eve.

BBC America’s Killing Eve is a spy thriller that stands out for its unique storytelling and character development. Jodie Comer’s portrayal of Villanelle is particularly captivating, as she balances charisma and psychopathy, making audiences both love and empathize with her character. Notably, the series has earned recognition, including an Outstanding Emmy for Lead Actor awarded to Jodie Comer and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Sandra Oh’s role as Eve Polastri.

Their performances add depth to the enthralling narrative, ensuring that Killing Eve remains a must-watch for fans of spy thrillers and dark comedies alike. If you’re a fan of Mindhunter, Killing Eve promises a riveting blend of psychological intrigue and character-driven storytelling that’s sure to captivate your interest.

Watch it on Prime Video

6. Hannibal (2013-2015)

Horror, thriller, crime, and drama intersect in Hannibal, a series that ran for 3 seasons and was created by Bryan Fuller and aired on NBC. The show features Mads Mikkelsen as Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Hugh Dancy as Will Graham, and Hettienne Park as Beverly Katz. It’s a psychological cat-and-mouse game between investigators and perpetrators, reminiscent of Mindhunter, as both delve deep into criminal minds. Hannibal offers an even darker and more artistic portrayal of serial killers and intricate plots.

Drawing inspiration from Thomas Harris’ novels, Hannibal is a psychological horror masterpiece. Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen skillfully portray the complex characters. The show’s graphic visuals are balanced with powerful imagery, leaving audiences pondering the depths of human psychology. Echoing the allure of Silence of the Lambs, the series intricately weaves murder, cannibalism, and twisted relationships, leaving viewers captivated. For those who relished Gillian Anderson’s work in the supernatural realm, Hannibal serves as a reminiscent journey into the enigmatic, much like Mindhunter.

Watch it on Hulu

7. Broadchurch (2013-2017)

The suspenseful murder mystery show Broadchurch begins with the discovery of the body of an 11-year-old boy called Danny in the small fictional town of Broadchurch on the coast of Dorset, England. The series, which ran for 3 Seasons on ITV, centers around out-of-town Detective Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman).

As a gripping mystery drama, Broadchurch puts to light how we often think everything with people is okay from afar, but when we look closer, dark secrets unravel. New colors of grief are portrayed– the internal and outward struggles through the moving performances. All with beautiful and atmospheric locations and a soundtrack that feels like a haunting ballad.

Broadchurch bears striking similarities to Mindhunter, primarily evident in their themes and cinematography. Both series delves into the intricacies of crime investigation, meticulously dissecting the psychological toll on investigators and society. Through their immersive cinematography, they create an atmosphere that intensifies suspense. While distinct in settings, Broadchurch reminds the viewers of the profound exploration of the human psyche within the context of criminality.

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If you’ve already seen it, check out more shows like Broadchurch

8. American Crime Story (2016-)

American Crime Story, a captivating true crime anthology series, has embarked on 3 compelling seasons so far. Each season delves into high-profile trials, meticulously dissecting crime and psychology much like “Mindhunter” does. The series masterfully navigates real-life cases, unraveling motives and consequences, all while delving deep into the human psyche within the realm of crime.

The first season, The O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, centers on the infamous O.J. Simpson murder case. Starring Cuba Gooding Jr. as O.J. Simpson, Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark, and Beanie Feldstein as Monica Lewinsky, the show revolves around the book “The Run of His Life: The People v. O.J.” by Jeffrey Toobin. Sarah Paulson received an Emmy for her excellent role in this limited series. While the series primarily aims to faithfully portray historical events, it’s important to note that it doesn’t claim to be a documentary. Through its compelling exploration of high-stakes trials, American Crime Story weaves a riveting narrative that captivates viewers by providing both insight and entertainment.

Watch it on Hulu

9. Hunters (2020-2023)

The Amazon original series Hunters takes place in 1977 with Nazis living amongst us in the USA, infiltrating every aspect of our daily lives. Some are old escapees from Nazi Germany, some were invited here because of their expertise, and some are offspring of those who lived during WWll and believe in a Fourth Reich.

The legendary Al Pacino leads the role of Mayer Offerman, who leads the Nazi Hunters group with Jonah Heidelbaum (Logan Lerman), a young and determined member of the group, and Jerrika Hinton shines as Millie Morris, an intelligent FBI agent who partners with the hunters to bring the perpetrators to justice. Together, this ensemble cast navigates a high-stakes thriller that combines historical drama with intense action, unearthing the hidden darkness of the past.

The Nazi hunters discover 100s of high-ranking Nazi officials in 1977 in New York City that are conspiring to make a 4th Reich in the U.S.; the Hunters hence set out to bring the bad ones to justice and end their new genocidal plans. Although the show was untimely canceled after only 2 seasons, like Mindhunter, Hunters study the criminals responsible for the death of thousands of innocent lives. It’s worth watching for fans of the genre and Al Pacino’s performance.

Watch it on Prime Video

10. Manhunt (2017-2020)

Based on a Shocking True Story, Manhunt or Manhunt: Unabomber is about a fascinating look at the FBI Profiler who used forensic linguistics to solve a crime in the ’90s. The true crime drama is suspenseful, beautifully shot, and sharply edited. Creator and Executive producer Andrew Sodroski expertly investigates the nuances in this Discovery Channel Police Procedural crime drama that keeps us hooked from start to finish.

The series follows Jim Fitzgerald (played by Sam Worthington), the FBI agent who tracked down Ted Kaczynski (played by Paul Bettany), aka the “Unabomber,” as he brings him to justice through his expertise in profiling and linguistics. The story goes back and forth in time (non-linear storytelling) and creates a brilliant sense of dark and thought-provoking thrill in a similarly terrifying way to Mindhunter.

Watch it on Hulu

Honourable Mentions

Here are a couple of shows that didn’t make this psychological thriller list, but you can check them out nonetheless:

  1. Elementary
  2. Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
  3. You
  4. I’ll Be Gone In The Dark

When Lost aired over a decade ago, its successful narrative created a pop culture impact and changed the landscape of television. If you are a fan and want to watch shows like Lost then you can have a look at this list we made just for you.


The hugely successful television series Lost aired in 2004. The premise, as we know, deals with a group of people surviving a commercial passenger plane crash on a remote island. The show masterfully explores supernatural and sci-fi elements on this mysterious south Pacific island.

The use of cliffhangers at the end of each episode of Lost kept the viewers on the edge of their seats, desperately craving for the next episode to come. Even though it's a large ensemble cast, most of the characters receive a justifiable personal arch. Lost was inspired by the movie Castaway and became one of the most expensive pilots to be shot at the time! Lost continues to be appreciated for its originality in storytelling and dynamic character arcs. 

List of TV Shows Like Lost

  1. The Leftovers
  2. Manifest
  3. Lost Room
  4. Twin Peaks
  5. The Prisoners
  6. Battlestar Galactica
  7. The New People
  8. Flight 29 Down
  9. Fringe
  10. Alcatraz
  11. Under the Dome
  12. Dark

1. The Leftovers (2014)

IMDB ratings: 8.3/10

Cast: Carrie Coon, Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman and Margaret Qualley

Creator: Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta

The director of Lost, Damon Lindel also created a supernatural drama series called The Leftovers. The show begins 3 years after an unexplainable global event called ‘Sudden Departure’  where almost 2 per cent of the population, nearly 140 million people, disappear. The Leftovers isn't about WHY people are gone, it's about how the ones who remain dealt with their loss, people often try to comfort themselves with dreams, angels, gods, or even death.

The Leftovers will leave you with so many questions but beyond words, you have to feel it and savour its unanswered questions to find peace. The Leftovers is an incredible television series that starts incredibly well but loses its way by the series's end. I have to say though, Carrie Coon has brilliant moments in the end. The Leftovers is so weird, fragmented and nonsensical at times that it reminds me of Lost. If you are looking for shows like Lost, I recommend that you give The Leftovers a try.

2. Manifest  (2018) 

IMDB ratings: 7.1/10

Cast: Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas and J.R. Ramirez 

Creator: Jeff Rake

The Manifest is a supernatural drama show about a bunch of people who discover that they lost 5 years of their lives when they landed in New York after their aeroplane faced severe turbulence. All the people on the plane were presumed to be dead. Now, these people have to find a way to adjust themselves to a new life around their loved ones. Mild spoiler! They learn their loved ones and the rest of society is not as they left it.

I found that the show’s premise was very intriguing and the actors give a very convincing performance. The narrative details of the show, however, in my opinion, are a bit sloppy and inconsistent. The writers surely have room for improvement but their concept is incredibly thrilling. Every episode of Manifest keeps you on your toes. Manifest has completed 3 seasons up until now and continues to be on air. Manifest is a pretty good choice if you want to watch TV shows like Lost.

3. Lost Room (2006)

IMDB ratings: 8.1/10

Cast: Peter Krause, Julianna Margulies and Peter Jacobson

Creator: Christopher Leone, Laura Harkcom

This lesser-known show The Lost Room is an American Sci-fi television miniseries which only had 3 episodes of 90 mins each and no follow-up seasons. The show was based on a very unique idea where the room in question (known as the ‘Lost Room’) and the objects in the said room had supernatural powers. This strange room is set in a 1960s motel along the iconic U.S. Route 66.

One day the protagonist (Peter Krause) Joe Miller’s daughter disappears inside the room. Joe, with the help of objects present in the room, tries to find his daughter Anna (Elle Fanning). The story of Lost Room was intensely engaging. I found the direction and the actor’s performances to be absolutely brilliant. It baffles me that the creators did not return to make another short season within the same concept. If you have been searching for TV series like Lost then I can assure you that Lost Room will be worth a watch.

4. Twins Peaks (1990) 

IMDB ratings: 8.8/10

Cast: Kyle MacLachlan, Mädchen Amick, Sherilyn Fenn and David Lynch

Creator: David Lynch

David Lynch, the well-known director of weird and captivating films such as Eraserhead and Blue Velvet created an iconic show called Twin Peaks. It is a hauntingly eccentric show about the investigation of the mysterious murder of a small-town homecoming queen named Laura Palmer. Believe me, as odd as the show may seem at first, you will grow to love it, after all, it is considered to be one of the best mystery shows ever created.

With the mysteries, the supernatural elements and the list of bizarre characters, Twin Peaks has it all. In my opinion, the cinematography of the show was truly ahead of its time. Kyle’s Dale Cooper was especially entertaining. Twin Peaks’ experimental formula of the satirical soap opera is extremely unsettling yet rewarding to watch, I must warn you, it’s not for the faint-hearted!  If you are in search of TV shows like Lost then Twin Peaks won’t disappoint you.

The Prisoners (1967)

IMDB ratings: 8.5/10

Cast: Patrick McGoohan, Angelo Muscat and Geroge Markstien

Creator: Patrick McGoohan

The Prisoner centres around an unnamed British agent (Patrick McGoohan) who tries to flee his country after abruptly quitting his high-ranking government job. He is abducted and held captive in a strange ‘sea-side’ village that is isolated from the rest of the world. This village is a highly secure and monitored place filled with weird technology. There are only 17 episodes to this late 60s show but it manages to bring up such surreal surprises, it's sure to leave a great impact on the viewer.

The Prisoner’s unique concept influenced many popular shows including Lost. The creators of Lost even cited the show. I was very impressed by how ahead of its time The Prisoners proves to be. If you want to watch more shows similar to Lost the Prisoners should definitely be on your list.

6. Battlestar Galactica (2004)

IMDB ratings: 8.7/10

Cast: Katee Sackhoff, Edward James Olmos and Tricia Helfer 

Creator: Glen A. Larson

The 2004 Battlestar Galactica is a reboot of the original 1978 miniseries of the same name. Do not be mistaken by the title, the show is not related to Star Trek.  Battlestar Galactica is set in the 7th millennium AD and follows Cylons, the robot enemy of humanity that resurfaces to destroy the 12 colonies of Mankind. Only a few survive and are able to escape on ships led by a powerful warship called Battlestar Galactica. Mankind struggles to fight the Cylons and work their own political agendas and disputes while finding their long-lost 13th colony Earth.

The show is a dark, intense and gritty socio-political commentary with EPIC cinematic value. The script is especially clever and as a huge fan of sci-fi shows, this show ticks the boxes in all the right categories. When the show was released, it blew the viewers and critics away. As far as an obsessive and gripping story goes, Battlestar Galactica is one of the most similar to shows like Lost. 

7. The New People (1969)

IMDB ratings: 7.3/10

Cast: David Moses, Zooey hall and Tiffany Boiling

Creator: Larry Gordon Aaron Spelling

The New People is an American Tv series that aired only for 1 season and is focused on a couple of college students who survive a plane crash. The incident takes place while they were returning from a trip to Southeast Asia, their plane crashes on an island in the south of the Pacific ocean. 

By now this show must already be sounding a lot like Lost to you, and it surely is. The remaining group of people discover an unusual truth about the island: there’s an above-ground unused nuclear test site filled with supplies for the survivors. If you want to see more plane survival stories like Lost then The New People should definitely be on your list.

8. Flight 29 Down (2005)

IMDB ratings: 7.2/10

Cast: Allen Alvarado, Halle Hirsh and Corbin Bleu

Creator:  Stan Rowgow D. J. MacHale

The show Flight 29 Down is a drama series about a group of pre-teens/teens who are stranded on a South Pacific island after their plane crashes in a tropical storm while they were flying from an eco-adventure camping trip in Palau. The show is in many ways a younger version of the Adult-centred show Lost but sans the supernatural elements. I’d say that the show draws inspiration from the show The New People.

Flight 29 Down uses the technique of a video diary as a plot device for the viewers to keep up with the story of these children. It was very engaging to watch young intelligent characters finding their way on the island. The first two seasons of the show are quite engaging but I seemed to lose interest in its 3rd and final season. Regardless, Flight 29 Down is a really good series to watch if you want to see TV shows like Lost.

9. Fringe (2008)

IMDB ratings: 8.4/10

Cast: Anna Torv, John Noble and Joshua Jackson

Creator: J. J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci

Fringe is a popular Sci-fi crime drama television series. It may seem like a standard procedural drama at first, but the show actually explores the parallel universe, alternate versions of people filled with crazy scientific experiments. I personally had a great time watching this show.

Fringe is actually inspired by shows like Lost, The X-files and The Twilight Zone. The 3 main characters of the show work with a special division called Fringe. There are so many brilliant twists and turns in Fringe that in my opinion, the show is at the top of its category. If you are searching for TV series like Lost, I strongly recommend you watch Fringe

10. Alcatraz (2012)

IMDB ratings: 6.9/10

Cast: Sarah Jones, George Garcia and Jonny Coyne 

Creator: Elizabeth Sarnoff, Steven Lilien, Bryan Wynbrandt

This American fiction show is based on the infamous Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary built on Alcatraz island in San Francisco Bay. The prison is now closed but once kept some of the most dangerous criminals of America. The show takes the liberty to make a show around the conspiracies of the place.

In the interesting premise we see that under unknown circumstances, 256 inmates and 46 guards of the prison disappear without a trace. Later the disappeared ones start to appear one by one without ageing a day and resume their criminal activities with no realisation of disappearance. A special government unit is dedicated to finding and putting those criminals back in prison. If you are looking for mystery shows similar to Lost, try watching Alcatraz. 

11. Under the Dome (2013)

IMDB ratings: 6.5/10

Cast: Alexander Koch and Rachelle Lefevre

Creator: Stephen King

Based on a novel written by the sci-fi legend Stephen King, Under the Dome tells the story of the residents of the fictional small town called Chester's Mill, when a huge, transparent and indestructible dome suddenly cuts them off from the rest of the world.

Now the trapped residents try to find a way to discover the truth, origin and purpose of these domes. This journey forces them into situations where they learn more about each other than they ever knew. Under the Dome may not be on the top of this list but it’s quite a decent watch if you’re looking for mystery shows similar to Lost

12. Dark (2017)

IMDB ratings: 8.7/10

Cast: Louis Hofmann, Lisa Vicari and Gina Stiebitz

Creator: Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese

The German-language Netflix series Dark is an interesting blend of Science fiction and Mystery. Truly a compelling and mind-bending story to watch. At the beginning of Dark, many children suspiciously start disappearing in the German town of Winden. The dark past of generational mysteries of 4 families living in the town namely, Kahnwald, Nielsen, Doppler, and Tiedemann is brought to light.

After the discovery of a wormhole, the lives of the families intertwine more than one can imagine. I believe every element of the show is top-notch, especially Dark’s cinematography, which is a TRUE masterpiece. If you are looking for TV series similar to Lost then the intense and gripping story of Dark is sure to keep you engrossed.

Honourable Mentions

Here are a few TV shows like Lost that didn’t make the list, but you can check them out nonetheless: 

  1. Carnivale
  2. Yellowjackets
  3. Game of Thrones
  4. Black Mirror
  5. Flashforward
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