10 Shows Like HBO's The Last Of Us 

By: Priyanka Dhoot


THE Rain

In the Danish Post-apocalyptic show The Rain, a water-borne virus wipes out most of the population. Two kids hide in their bunker for years, patiently waiting for their parents. Much like in HBO’s Last Of Us, the two teenagers are crucial for human survival.



An adaptation of Stephen King’s classic horror novel, The Stand is a mini-series featuring well-known Hollywood names like Alexander Skarsgård, Whoopi Goldberg, and James Marsden. When 99% of humanity dies due to an artificial plague, the rest are left to battle each other for survival.


12 monkeys

The well-known film that gave Brad Pitt his first Oscar nomination is the inspiration for the 2018 series 12 Monkeys. Focusing on the post-apocalyptic world, the creators, Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett delve deeper into time travel, plunging the audience back into the harrowing future of the deadly virus.



This fictional world is frozen for 7 years, with only a few survivors trying to board a perpetually moving train that travels across the Globe. Characters played by Tilda Swinton, Chris Evans, and Ed Harris face the challenges of survival while the control of the engine of the train brings the dangers of tuning onto each other.



In search of a cure that has already wiped out half of the population, a US Navy missile destroyer Nathan James, led by his Capt. Tom Chandler must find the cure before the rest of the virus takes the rest of humanity. The Last Ship is packed with action, drama, comedy, mystery, twists, and much more.



A different kind of post-apocalyptic thriller, Westworld explores the world of the near future with robots designed to mimic humans through a reimagined past. Ranked as one of the best series from HBO, Westworld reflects on the extent of human sin and its consequences through an amusement park that is everything but fun for the characters.


THE 100

Nuclear conflicts completely eliminate any kind of civilization on Earth. A 100 years later, a spaceship housing humans sent 100 young offenders back to Earth to test their habitability. With an impressive 11 Prime-time Emmy wins, this 7-season-long thriller series The 100 is worth checking out.



Another Novel based series, The Leftovers, looks at the aftermath of the sudden disappearance of 2% of the global population. Justin Theroux and Carrie Coon give strong performances of characters that try to cope with grief while figuring out the mystery behind the unprecedented events. The Leftovers has been highly praised by critics and viewers.



In a list of post-apocalyptic shows like Last Of Us, the iconic show Lost is unmissable. Several people are stuck on an island after a plane crashes on a remote island in the south pacific ocean. The survivors try to adapt to the new environment while the show peaks into their past life.


The Walking Dead

Recently, one of the highest regarded shows of all time, The Walking Dead, concluded with its 11th and final season. Set in a terrifying zombie apocalypse world, this is a mind-blowing journey of survivors with some of the best character arcs you will ever see. Be ready to jump from the edge of your seats!

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