10 TV Shows Like The Mandalorian

By: Priyanka Dhoot


The Expanse

Many shows are based on books, but only a few have the ability to improve upon the original author and The Expanse certainly succeeds. Like The Mandalorian, this one also addresses the realities of space travel in a way that other sci-fi shows do not. May it be the script, the CGI, or the acting, The Expanse is brilliant in every way.



Watch even one episode of the short-lived but beloved Firefly, and you'll see where The Mandalorian gets its postwar space-Western vibe from. The show has extremely well-written characters with a plot that has it all: space travel, new earth, new creatures, a western theme, along with a pirate-type living!



This Canadian sci-fi follows a trio of space bounty hunters, known as Killjoys, who trying to remain independent in the wake of an interplanetary conflict. Contrary to most galactic shows, Killjoys is a comedy-driven light-hearted beauty. 5 seasons in total, this should make a great change of pace for you.



The modern western crime drama Justified referenced Han Solo’s fatal meeting with Greedo at the cantina and has much in common with the Star Wars universe. However, it’s a very different show. Based on Elmore Leonard's stories, the show has impressed critics by gaining 8 Primetime Emmy Nominations and 2 Wins.


Altered Carbon

The edgy cyberpunk aesthetic of Altered Carbon may be different at first glance from The Mandalorian's space Western, but the two shows have more in common than you think. Both focus on the aftermath of a rebellion against an empire and a morally complicated hero sent on a mission that gets much messier than he expects.


The Witcher

The Witcher is to fantasy what The Mandalorian is to sci-fi: the tale of a grumpy, powerful loner who reluctantly gets stuck with a child in his care. Both shows also expand the world of their storytelling to the big political battles happening all around them, whether that's the fall of a galactic empire or the machinations of magicians and monarchs.


Lost In Space

Netflix remade this classic '60s sci-fi family show, and it's perfect for viewers who want all the space adventures of The Mandalorian but with a bit less gun-slinging violence. Lost In Space follows the Robinson family as they try quickly try to adapt after crash-landing on an alien planet full of dangers.


Stranger Things

Focused on a small town in the '80s and a group of kids and teens who get caught up in a supernatural government conspiracy, Stranger Things is a little darker and spookier than The Mandalorian. Still, it embraces some of the same themes: a superpowered young character, the friends that protect them, and the dark forces pursuing them.


Battlestar galactica

After the 12 colonies of Kobol (the solar system that houses the entirety of the human race) are destroyed by the ultra-religious androids, Battlestar Galactica becomes the last and the best hope for the nearly extinct humans. Heavily influenced by Star Wars, there are few shows better than this one!



Andor is undoubtedly the most brilliant Star Wars show to have come out in recent years. While most were not expecting Andor to be on par with The Mandalorian, it turned out to be a much, much better show. If you are a Star Wars fan and feel the itch to watch something related, you absolutely cannot miss out on watching Andor.

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