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Our Content is 100% Original 

We strive for 100% original content and apply a rigorous vetting method to every pop-culture article on the site. Rumours are recognized accordingly to ensure the difference between verified information and industry buzz that is in the interest of our readers.


Firstly, we make sure the information is updated and accurate. Before the writing process begins, we verify the information and always track the original source (and reference material if applicable). Even if other outlets write an unsupported piece of information as authorised confirmation, we demand 100% confirmation to claim its actual confirmation. The articles have to be accurate and fact-checked. Similarlists not only write articles about Movies, TV Shows, Books and Music, but we also provide expert recommendations for various types of media.


Similarlists editors report from the pop culture spaces and events most favoured by our readers. Our team of writers, editors and designers are passionate Cinephiles, Tv addicts, Bibliophiles and Music lovers. The Similarlists team comes from a diverse background of disciplines in Media, Creative Writing, Film Studies, Business Management and Designing brought together by the common interest in all things entertainment and the passion for providing the best and most engrossing content possible for readers on our site. 



Reviewing For Authorised Information


Anytime we cover a rumour, non-official sources like Reddit, social media, YouTube, other publications, etc, we try to verify it by communicating with the direct source. As a duty whether or not they comment, we make sure that we have tried our best to reach them. Our editors and writers are veterans of the industry, they make sure of the highest standard possible. When we write our own new content as the original source, we follow basic journalism standards.



Standards for feature content are held with the same importance and here we prioritise research and objectivity – as well as offering a clear argument when we draw out a conclusion or theory. For corrections or update requests, please reach out to us at