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11 Movies Like Coherence To Watch If You Like Psychological Thrillers

Movies like Coherence

Coherence is a phenomenally underrated and relatively unknown sci-fi flick. If you’re here looking for movies like Coherence, you are at the right place. We have compiled a list of movies similar to Coherence that you might enjoy watching.

When I started to watch Coherence after some recommendations online, I wasn’t expecting the film to be the wild ride that it is. Going in I thought it would be your typical indie sci-fi flick that does nothing original but I was so wrong. Watching Coherence was one of the weirdest movie experiences of my life, in a good way.

Coherence follows a group of friends and couples as they all come together to have a dinner party. The whole story of the film takes place over a single night. We learn at the beginning of the film that a comet is going to pass really close to Earth that night. As the friends gather together and the night goes on, strange things start to happen when the comet grows closer. It begins with glasses breaking and power going off.

As the movie goes on, things get increasingly creepy each minute. There is banging on the doors, but no one is outside. There are notes left at the house but they make no sense. At this point, a couple of people from the group decide to head out and look for the reception. When they reach the only house that has electricity, they are shocked to their core, because they see themselves and their whole group, inside the house. Things take a turn for the worse from there.

What really happens is really interesting. The passing comet creates a phenomenon of ‘Parallel Worlds Converging’. A bunch of alternate realities converge and the film handles the matter expertly. Watching the film, you tend to feel like you’re stuck in that weird reality. If you haven’t seen the film yet, you should check out this underrated gem. If you enjoyed watching this film, we have compiled a list of movies like Coherence that you might enjoy watching.

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11 Movies Like Coherence You Should Check Out

  1. The Invitation
  2. Another Earth
  3. Predestination
  4. Inception
  5. Primer
  6. Looper
  7. Palm Springs
  8. Cloverfield
  9. Tenet
  10. The Prestige
  11. Shutter Island

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The Invitation

If you’re looking for movies like Coherence, The Invitation comes really damn close. The Invitation is a strange film that starts off slow but sucks you into the story as the moves deeper. The film follows the story of a group of old friends who get invited to a dinner party at a newly married couple’s house. From the very start, you can feel the vibe of the dinner party if a little off. People are strangely polite and constrained. There is a lot of fake laughing and pretend enthusiasm. However, as the story goes on you come to know secrets about the people at the party.

One of the invited guests is the ex-husband of the hostess. They have a complicated history of pain and loss. The feeling of creepiness persists. The feeling of unease and impending hangs throughout, which I found to be very similar to how the film ‘Coherence’ feels. Spoiling the end would be counterproductive, but it lives up to the excellent build-up of The Invitation. If you’re looking for tense, suspense-filled thriller movies like Coherence, this is the right pick for you.

Another Earth

Another Earth is a deeply compelling Sci-Fi film that is more character-driven than plot-driven. The film follows the story of two strangers – Rhoda (played by the brilliant Brit Marling) and John, who are connected to each other through an unfortunate accident. Rhoda is a smart college student who loves astronomy and space and has a bright future ahead of her. John is a musician and a professor in one of the biggest colleges in the country. On one fateful day as Rhonda is coming back home from a party, driving drunk, she collides into John’s car killing his whole family. John remains the sole survivor. As a result of her crimes, Rhoda is sent to prison.

After her release, Rhona wants to right her wrongs, beginning with John. In the midst of all this, another Earth appears in the sky, exactly identical to our planet. This changes the whole perspective of the film. Revealing any more would be spoiling the film. However, Another Earth is a very well-thought-out and surprisingly grounded film with elements of sci-fi. It’s not quite similar to Coherence, but has some similar elements and is definitely worth checking out.


I don’t have a lot I can say about Predestination, it’s a highly underrated gem of a film. The film is a psychological thriller like Coherence, wrapped up as a sci-fi time travel story. Above all else, it’s a love story that spans many generations. Talking about the plot would defeat the purpose, and going in completely blind into this movie is the best approach.

There is some great action, moments of heartfelt character building, and some of the most unexpected twists in the film. In some ways, the film is one of the most satisfying films with a full-circle ending. The elements of time travel have been executed very well, and do not feel like a plot device to advance the story. People looking for movies like Coherence are sure to appreciate this underrated sci-fi thriller gem.


Not a lot needs to be said about Inception. Almost every movie enthusiast has seen this film, multiple times. It should be mentioned that I’m a big fan of Nolan, especially his early work. However, Inception is an exceptionally well-made movie. The film has so much going for it, it would be a crime to not put this film up on this list. While Coherence uses the concepts of parallel worlds, Inception uses the concepts of whole worlds inside our own dreams. Inception is a very ambitious film, but it delivers beyond expectation.

Where Coherence is a smartly written, low-budget thriller flick, inception is a grand, epic tale of massive proportions, which ironically happens inside the characters’ heads. Even if you have seen the film, it’s a fun rewatch and each time there are new details to discover. The film will leave you thinking about it for days after watching it. If you’re looking for movies similar to Coherence, you should definitely check out Inception.


Primer is often considered to be one of the most underrated time travel films of all time ever made. Made on a super small budget with very limited the film manages to pack an insanely imaginative and original story that has to be seen multiple times to be truly understood. To be honest, having seen it a few times, I think I understand it, but I’m not 100 % sure.

The first half of the film is fairly straightforward and easy to understand, but things get increasingly weird and disturbing in the second half, as the protagonists have to face the consequences of time travel. The attention to detail in the film is amazing and despite being an engaging thriller, the film sticks to the technicals of time travel introduced into the story very well. If you love complicated movies like Coherence, Primer is the perfect film to watch.


Looper is a time travel thriller that was released back in 2012 and received a ton of positive reviews, and the film still holds up as one of the best time travel movies of recent times. With an amazing cast of Joseph Gordon Levitt, Emily Blunt, Bruce Willis, and Jeff Daniels, the film is not lacking in star power. The film follows the story of Joe (Gordon-Levitt), who is an assassin working for a crime boss, tasked with killing mercenaries that come from the future.

The story goes smoothly until Joe’s future self (played by Bruce Willis) shows up in the past, hell-bent on killing his younger self. While this may seem like a spoiler, this is just the beginning of the real plot. While Primer does not have a lot of action, it has plenty of originality and surprises for the viewers, there is a real depth to the characters and their motivations. Whether you are a fan of sci-fi or not, Looper is an excellent thriller film 100 per cent worth watching.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is unlike the other films on this list and is more of a sci-fi rom-com than a sci-fi thriller. However, I couldn’t keep myself from putting this film on the list because of how well-executed this amazing heartfelt love story is. The film stars Andy Samberg (of Brooklyn99) and Cristin Milioti (of HIMYM). Andy and Cristin both do an excellent job portraying a couple of relatable goofball losers. While the film is a fun (a lot of fun), romantic comedy, it the sci-fi element of the film that really makes the story shine and helps the two main characters grow.

If you are familiar with any of Andy Samberg’s previous work and appreciate fun, smartly written, and heartfelt stories, Palm Springs is the perfect film for you to watch. While the concept of time loops (Groundhog Day) used in the film is hardly unique, the film executes it well. Most importantly, the film doesn’t take itself too seriously and isn’t afraid to make fun of its own ridiculously fun plot. J.K. Simmons makes a few short appearances but proves his calibre as an extremely versatile actor. Seriously, I don’t have any bad things to say about it. While the film isn’t exactly similar to Coherence, Palm Springs is definitely worth a watch.


Cloverfield is a film that has been shot in ‘found footage’ perspective, similar to The Blair Witch Project and Chronicle. Many people find this style of film-making off-putting and distracting because of the frequent camera shakes and incoherent cinematography. However, Cloverfield makes use of this style very well to deliver a thriller monster film that leaves the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the duration of the film. The camera shakes and the first perspective used in the film gives it an immersive experience. The movie is similar to Coherence in the aspect that the main characters have to make tough decisions throughout the film and run from an unseen threat.

JJ Abrams creates a masterful film set in New York, where a group of youngsters are stuck in the city when a large monster attacks from space attacks the city and causes a huge amount of destruction. The characters who are attending a party at the beginning of the film have to run throughout the city on foot to survive the destruction unleashed by the monster. There are elements of horror in the film, as the unseen monster wreaks havoc around the city. Fans of monster films and sci-fi will definitely enjoy watching Cloverfield.


When Tenet originally came out, it was a polarizing film for both film critics and Nolan fans. There are many things to complain about in this movie, like how the background score often overpowers the dialogue and how the film is unnecessarily complicated when it’s just a spy film using time travel as a plot device. Well, it’s not exactly a time-travel film, it’s a time-reversal film but it could be argued that they are one and the same thing. However, if you’re looking for psychological thrillers like Coherence, then Tenet would be right up your alley.

There are a few things that make Tenet similar to Coherence. First, the characters come face to face with their future/past selves multiple times in the film. It’s recommended you watch the film with subtitles because you will have to focus on the small details from the very start of the film. There are many small callbacks in the first half of the film which are crucial to understanding the second half. Moreover, the film becomes even more enjoyable on a rewatch, as everything that happens at the beginning of the film starts to make perfect sense. The cast with John Washington, Robert Pattison and Elizabeth Debicki give stellar performances. Robert Pattison especially shines in his role.

The Prestige

Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Prestige’ has a lot going for it. A cast of incredibly talented individuals which includes Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman in the main cast, Rebecca Hall, Scarlett Johansson as secondary characters, Michael Caine in his usual Nolan cameo and David Bowie, who stars as the eccentric Nikola Tesla. The story revolves around the characters of two magicians (Bale and Jackman) who are bitter rivals in the late nineteenth century. In their quest for becoming the better magician, both of them make some questionable decisions.

Everything from the set design to the acting, to the plot, is near perfect in this film. It’s a Victorian-era sci-fi film that will grip you from the very beginning and won’t let go until the confusing yet satisfying ending. David Bowie as Tesla is a revelation and both Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale have given amazing performances. The film on paper appears to be a period sci-fi film, but there are plenty of thriller elements in the film. There are quite a few similarities to the film Coherence, but revealing them would result in spoiling the film. If you’re looking for movies similar to Coherence with some magical sci-fi fun and an amazing story, you should definitely check out The Prestige.

Shutter Island

Shutter Island is not quite similar to Coherence, but this masterpiece of a thriller will confuse you, keep you entertained and at the edge of your seats throughout the whole film. The film has an excellent main cast that consists of Leonardo Di Caprio, Mark Ruffalo and Ben Kingsley and all of them deliver excellent performances. The story of the film follows a pair of detectives (Di Caprio and Ruffalo) who are sent to an Asylum on Shutter Island to investigate a crime, but from the moment they foot on the things, things seem off.

The film has some gorgeous cinematography and a dark atmosphere that sets the mysterious tone of the film beautifully. While the two detectives enter the island looking to solve a crime, by the second half of the film they begin to question their own sanity, and being stuck in an Asylum with a psychopathic doctor doesn’t help. Revealing any more would be spoiling, but this brilliant film by Martin Scorsese is worth a watch if you’re looking for psychological thrillers like Coherence.

Honourable Mentions

  • Triangle
  • Time Crimes
  • Butterfly Effect
  • Project Almanac
  • Source Code
  • 12 Monkeys
  • The Thirteenth Floor

When Lost aired over a decade ago, its successful narrative created a pop culture impact and changed the landscape of television. If you are a fan and want to watch shows like Lost then you can have a look at this list we made just for you.


The hugely successful television series Lost aired in 2004. The premise, as we know, deals with a group of people surviving a commercial passenger plane crash on a remote island. The show masterfully explores supernatural and sci-fi elements on this mysterious south Pacific island.

The use of cliffhangers at the end of each episode of Lost kept the viewers on the edge of their seats, desperately craving for the next episode to come. Even though it's a large ensemble cast, most of the characters receive a justifiable personal arch. Lost was inspired by the movie Castaway and became one of the most expensive pilots to be shot at the time! Lost continues to be appreciated for its originality in storytelling and dynamic character arcs. 

List of TV Shows Like Lost

  1. The Leftovers
  2. Manifest
  3. Lost Room
  4. Twin Peaks
  5. The Prisoners
  6. Battlestar Galactica
  7. The New People
  8. Flight 29 Down
  9. Fringe
  10. Alcatraz
  11. Under the Dome
  12. Dark

1. The Leftovers (2014)

IMDB ratings: 8.3/10

Cast: Carrie Coon, Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman and Margaret Qualley

Creator: Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta

The director of Lost, Damon Lindel also created a supernatural drama series called The Leftovers. The show begins 3 years after an unexplainable global event called ‘Sudden Departure’  where almost 2 per cent of the population, nearly 140 million people, disappear. The Leftovers isn't about WHY people are gone, it's about how the ones who remain dealt with their loss, people often try to comfort themselves with dreams, angels, gods, or even death.

The Leftovers will leave you with so many questions but beyond words, you have to feel it and savour its unanswered questions to find peace. The Leftovers is an incredible television series that starts incredibly well but loses its way by the series's end. I have to say though, Carrie Coon has brilliant moments in the end. The Leftovers is so weird, fragmented and nonsensical at times that it reminds me of Lost. If you are looking for shows like Lost, I recommend that you give The Leftovers a try.

2. Manifest  (2018) 

IMDB ratings: 7.1/10

Cast: Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas and J.R. Ramirez 

Creator: Jeff Rake

The Manifest is a supernatural drama show about a bunch of people who discover that they lost 5 years of their lives when they landed in New York after their aeroplane faced severe turbulence. All the people on the plane were presumed to be dead. Now, these people have to find a way to adjust themselves to a new life around their loved ones. Mild spoiler! They learn their loved ones and the rest of society is not as they left it.

I found that the show’s premise was very intriguing and the actors give a very convincing performance. The narrative details of the show, however, in my opinion, are a bit sloppy and inconsistent. The writers surely have room for improvement but their concept is incredibly thrilling. Every episode of Manifest keeps you on your toes. Manifest has completed 3 seasons up until now and continues to be on air. Manifest is a pretty good choice if you want to watch TV shows like Lost.

3. Lost Room (2006)

IMDB ratings: 8.1/10

Cast: Peter Krause, Julianna Margulies and Peter Jacobson

Creator: Christopher Leone, Laura Harkcom

This lesser-known show The Lost Room is an American Sci-fi television miniseries which only had 3 episodes of 90 mins each and no follow-up seasons. The show was based on a very unique idea where the room in question (known as the ‘Lost Room’) and the objects in the said room had supernatural powers. This strange room is set in a 1960s motel along the iconic U.S. Route 66.

One day the protagonist (Peter Krause) Joe Miller’s daughter disappears inside the room. Joe, with the help of objects present in the room, tries to find his daughter Anna (Elle Fanning). The story of Lost Room was intensely engaging. I found the direction and the actor’s performances to be absolutely brilliant. It baffles me that the creators did not return to make another short season within the same concept. If you have been searching for TV series like Lost then I can assure you that Lost Room will be worth a watch.

4. Twins Peaks (1990) 

IMDB ratings: 8.8/10

Cast: Kyle MacLachlan, Mädchen Amick, Sherilyn Fenn and David Lynch

Creator: David Lynch

David Lynch, the well-known director of weird and captivating films such as Eraserhead and Blue Velvet created an iconic show called Twin Peaks. It is a hauntingly eccentric show about the investigation of the mysterious murder of a small-town homecoming queen named Laura Palmer. Believe me, as odd as the show may seem at first, you will grow to love it, after all, it is considered to be one of the best mystery shows ever created.

With the mysteries, the supernatural elements and the list of bizarre characters, Twin Peaks has it all. In my opinion, the cinematography of the show was truly ahead of its time. Kyle’s Dale Cooper was especially entertaining. Twin Peaks’ experimental formula of the satirical soap opera is extremely unsettling yet rewarding to watch, I must warn you, it’s not for the faint-hearted!  If you are in search of TV shows like Lost then Twin Peaks won’t disappoint you.

The Prisoners (1967)

IMDB ratings: 8.5/10

Cast: Patrick McGoohan, Angelo Muscat and Geroge Markstien

Creator: Patrick McGoohan

The Prisoner centres around an unnamed British agent (Patrick McGoohan) who tries to flee his country after abruptly quitting his high-ranking government job. He is abducted and held captive in a strange ‘sea-side’ village that is isolated from the rest of the world. This village is a highly secure and monitored place filled with weird technology. There are only 17 episodes to this late 60s show but it manages to bring up such surreal surprises, it's sure to leave a great impact on the viewer.

The Prisoner’s unique concept influenced many popular shows including Lost. The creators of Lost even cited the show. I was very impressed by how ahead of its time The Prisoners proves to be. If you want to watch more shows similar to Lost the Prisoners should definitely be on your list.

6. Battlestar Galactica (2004)

IMDB ratings: 8.7/10

Cast: Katee Sackhoff, Edward James Olmos and Tricia Helfer 

Creator: Glen A. Larson

The 2004 Battlestar Galactica is a reboot of the original 1978 miniseries of the same name. Do not be mistaken by the title, the show is not related to Star Trek.  Battlestar Galactica is set in the 7th millennium AD and follows Cylons, the robot enemy of humanity that resurfaces to destroy the 12 colonies of Mankind. Only a few survive and are able to escape on ships led by a powerful warship called Battlestar Galactica. Mankind struggles to fight the Cylons and work their own political agendas and disputes while finding their long-lost 13th colony Earth.

The show is a dark, intense and gritty socio-political commentary with EPIC cinematic value. The script is especially clever and as a huge fan of sci-fi shows, this show ticks the boxes in all the right categories. When the show was released, it blew the viewers and critics away. As far as an obsessive and gripping story goes, Battlestar Galactica is one of the most similar to shows like Lost. 

7. The New People (1969)

IMDB ratings: 7.3/10

Cast: David Moses, Zooey hall and Tiffany Boiling

Creator: Larry Gordon Aaron Spelling

The New People is an American Tv series that aired only for 1 season and is focused on a couple of college students who survive a plane crash. The incident takes place while they were returning from a trip to Southeast Asia, their plane crashes on an island in the south of the Pacific ocean. 

By now this show must already be sounding a lot like Lost to you, and it surely is. The remaining group of people discover an unusual truth about the island: there’s an above-ground unused nuclear test site filled with supplies for the survivors. If you want to see more plane survival stories like Lost then The New People should definitely be on your list.

8. Flight 29 Down (2005)

IMDB ratings: 7.2/10

Cast: Allen Alvarado, Halle Hirsh and Corbin Bleu

Creator:  Stan Rowgow D. J. MacHale

The show Flight 29 Down is a drama series about a group of pre-teens/teens who are stranded on a South Pacific island after their plane crashes in a tropical storm while they were flying from an eco-adventure camping trip in Palau. The show is in many ways a younger version of the Adult-centred show Lost but sans the supernatural elements. I’d say that the show draws inspiration from the show The New People.

Flight 29 Down uses the technique of a video diary as a plot device for the viewers to keep up with the story of these children. It was very engaging to watch young intelligent characters finding their way on the island. The first two seasons of the show are quite engaging but I seemed to lose interest in its 3rd and final season. Regardless, Flight 29 Down is a really good series to watch if you want to see TV shows like Lost.

9. Fringe (2008)

IMDB ratings: 8.4/10

Cast: Anna Torv, John Noble and Joshua Jackson

Creator: J. J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci

Fringe is a popular Sci-fi crime drama television series. It may seem like a standard procedural drama at first, but the show actually explores the parallel universe, alternate versions of people filled with crazy scientific experiments. I personally had a great time watching this show.

Fringe is actually inspired by shows like Lost, The X-files and The Twilight Zone. The 3 main characters of the show work with a special division called Fringe. There are so many brilliant twists and turns in Fringe that in my opinion, the show is at the top of its category. If you are searching for TV series like Lost, I strongly recommend you watch Fringe

10. Alcatraz (2012)

IMDB ratings: 6.9/10

Cast: Sarah Jones, George Garcia and Jonny Coyne 

Creator: Elizabeth Sarnoff, Steven Lilien, Bryan Wynbrandt

This American fiction show is based on the infamous Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary built on Alcatraz island in San Francisco Bay. The prison is now closed but once kept some of the most dangerous criminals of America. The show takes the liberty to make a show around the conspiracies of the place.

In the interesting premise we see that under unknown circumstances, 256 inmates and 46 guards of the prison disappear without a trace. Later the disappeared ones start to appear one by one without ageing a day and resume their criminal activities with no realisation of disappearance. A special government unit is dedicated to finding and putting those criminals back in prison. If you are looking for mystery shows similar to Lost, try watching Alcatraz. 

11. Under the Dome (2013)

IMDB ratings: 6.5/10

Cast: Alexander Koch and Rachelle Lefevre

Creator: Stephen King

Based on a novel written by the sci-fi legend Stephen King, Under the Dome tells the story of the residents of the fictional small town called Chester's Mill, when a huge, transparent and indestructible dome suddenly cuts them off from the rest of the world.

Now the trapped residents try to find a way to discover the truth, origin and purpose of these domes. This journey forces them into situations where they learn more about each other than they ever knew. Under the Dome may not be on the top of this list but it’s quite a decent watch if you’re looking for mystery shows similar to Lost

12. Dark (2017)

IMDB ratings: 8.7/10

Cast: Louis Hofmann, Lisa Vicari and Gina Stiebitz

Creator: Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese

The German-language Netflix series Dark is an interesting blend of Science fiction and Mystery. Truly a compelling and mind-bending story to watch. At the beginning of Dark, many children suspiciously start disappearing in the German town of Winden. The dark past of generational mysteries of 4 families living in the town namely, Kahnwald, Nielsen, Doppler, and Tiedemann is brought to light.

After the discovery of a wormhole, the lives of the families intertwine more than one can imagine. I believe every element of the show is top-notch, especially Dark’s cinematography, which is a TRUE masterpiece. If you are looking for TV series similar to Lost then the intense and gripping story of Dark is sure to keep you engrossed.

Honourable Mentions

Here are a few TV shows like Lost that didn’t make the list, but you can check them out nonetheless: 

  1. Carnivale
  2. Yellowjackets
  3. Game of Thrones
  4. Black Mirror
  5. Flashforward
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